TVS Champ BS-L301 Star Barcode Scanners

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Light source 650 nm visible laser diode
Depth of field up to 230 mm@0.33mm/13mil,pcs90% (Performance may be impacted by bar code quality and environmental conditions)
Scan Pattern 6direction Scan fields,24 lines scan pattern
Tilted 22° forward or 80° backward
Scan rate 2000 scans/sec
Light level Max 4800 Lux
Barcode types Automatically discriminates all standard ID bar codes include GSI databarfamily,Omnidirectional, Stackeed Ominidirectional,Expanded,Expanded Stacked,Truncated and Limited

The all new Champ BS-L301 Star, the best Omni directional scanner in this segment, represents high durability and faster and customer checkouts. packed with features, it has an unbeatable first read scan success rate and adds lot of aesthetics to your store.

  • Durable characteristic with IP42 rating and 1m drop resistance.
  • Read ID standard bar codes include GSI data bar family symbols to future proof your investment
  • Automatic sleep and wake-up mode which saves power and improves life time
  • Adjustable scan head can be tilted forward and backward within 102 range for accommodation
  • STAR code reconstruction technique allows easy reading of truncated, damaged and substandared bar cides.
  • Support optional internal RF antenna which could connect with EAS deactivation system for deactivation purpose.

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Champ Bs-l301 Star Barcode Scanners

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