Sony 4700 mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank, White

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UPC: 008562016606
Brand: Sony
Product: New
Generic Name: Power Bank
Model no.: 4700 mAH
Warranty: 1 Year Sony india

Product information

Technical Details
Item Weight 141 g
Product Dimensions 9.6 x 2.6 x 5.2 cm
Item model number 4700 MAH POWERBANK
Weight 140 Grams
Colour Black
Whats in the box Power Bank, Micro USB Cable and User Manual

Product description

Sony 4700 mAH Power Bank

Power-up your Device Quickly

Now sit back and relax as your phone will never out of charge. Switch to Sony 4700 mAh Power Bank and say no to your untimely draining battery of your device. Powered by 4700 mAh capacity , the 5 volt lithium battery can possibly be the best alternative in the hour of urgency or anywhere on-the-go. The Sony Power Bank comes is sleek, compact and extremely portable. Manufactured with glossy finish and attractive design, the power bank has a rechargeable battery and you can power it up again via computer’s USB port or USB adapter. More importantly, Sony power Bank allows your device to power up quickly and lets you carry on with your everyday tasks at a faster pace.

Compatibility and Durability and More

4700mAh Sony portable power bank lets you charge your Smartphone multiple times if the power bank is fully charged. The charger is designed with Hybrid Gel Technology, which makes it highly durable. The Power Bank retains 90% of the battery even after 1000 charges. The power bank is totally compatible with all Smartphones and other portable gadgets including Walkman Players, Cybershot, Hanycam and more, the power bank comes with connector and a user manual for your guidance. The portable Sony charger comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.

From the manufacturer

Power Up Your Smartphone Anywhere, Anytime With Sony's USB Portable Charger Rang

When your smartphones run out of battery and there is no socket around to charge them then USB charger emerge as lifesavers.

*Compatible with other devices including Xperia, Cyber-shot, Handycam and Walkman players.

Great Charging Cycle

Thanks to the 'Hybrid Gel' technology, Sony polymer battery has high durability as it retains more than 90% of capacity at 1000 charges!

Faster Charging

Experience faster charging with Sony Portable Charger Faster than Traditional charging method.

Hybrid Gel Technology*

Unlike liquid type batteries, Sony uses 'Hybrid gel' as the electrolyte, which tightens the contact between cathode and anode for better charge/discharge cycle characteristics. This electrolyte material difference is the key to Sony's hybrid gel technology.

* Ceramic Powder contained in Electrolyte before Gel.

* Granted patent for solid-electrodes.

Less Swelling And No Leakage

When choosing a product, safety and reliability are top priorities. Thanks to the 'Hybrid gel' technology, the Sony polymer battery prevents gas generation during charge/discharge cycles. Thus, you will experience less swelling and no leakage during the cycles.

* Based on Sony's internal research of general liquid battery in Oct, 2014.

Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery

Contains Sony-manufactured lithium-polymer rechargeable battery which ensures safety and longer life.

Universal Usage

Most of the USB chargeable products can be charged.

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