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Norton Mobile Security for Android, Iphone, ipad

Your Android™ smartphone or tablet can carry a lot of personal information and may be vulnerable to cyber threats. Norton Mobile Security helps deliver powerful, effective protection for your Android device and personal information against stealthy new mobile cyber threats and online scams.

App Advisor+ proactively helps protect your smartphone against mobile threats like malware, ransomware, adware, and privacy leaks using our award-winning2, patent-protected app scanning technology.

Wi-Fi Security helps detect and alert you when a network you join is dangerous or under attack to help protect your personal and financial information.

Web Protection helps detect and safeguard you from navigation to fraudulent and malicious websites when using your preferred browser, app, SMS, MMS, Email, and social networking sites.

Device Security gives you several tools to help recover your lost or stolen device. We also let you know when your operating system has vulnerabilities, so you can take action to help protect your device against cybercriminals that could take control of it or steal your personal information.

Do you know what your Android apps are doing? We can help show you.

Free apps are good at telling you what benefits they provide, but they may not tell you their real “costs.” App Advisor+ (powered by Norton Mobile Insight), when turned on, automatically lets you know about malware, online privacy and other risks that are detected before you download from Google Play™ to help you make informed app decisions — and whether that free app is worth the final cost.

Award-winning protection for your Android device2

PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award reprinted with permission.
© 2018 Ziff Davis, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 39-Time Winner awarded in 2017.

Worried about your Wi-Fi and Web security? Check this out.

To help protect your personal and financial information from cyber threats, our Wi-Fi Security feature uses advanced scanning technology to help detect and alert you before you join a dangerous network or one that is under attack. This helps you stop unwanted eavesdropping on your Wi-Fi connection and makes it harder for cybercriminals to steal personal information or passwords, infect your device with malware, or use your internet connection to perform illegal activities.

Our Web Protection feature helps detect fraudulent and malicious websites when using your browser, app, SMS, MMS, email, and social networking sites to help safeguard your activity and personal information.

Protection you can trust from a STAR in cyber security.

Norton Mobile Security is powered by our cyber intelligence network system developed by Symantec’s Security Technology and Response (STAR) Team. This includes Norton Mobile Insight, our proprietary app analysis system that includes crawling the app stores, analyzing running apps and using machine learning to understand Android app behaviors. Our engineering team strives to bring our valued members additional device, network and information protection in this increasingly unsafe cyber world.

Report Card
Quick, at-a-glance summary of where you need to focus your attention to take action to help secure your device and personal information

Proactive Malware Blocker+
Helps prevent apps with malware and viruses from being installed on your device before you download from Google Play

Privacy Advisor+
Automatically scans apps and lets you see privacy risks before you download them from Google Play

Intrusive Adware App Advisor+
Lets you know if apps may contain intrusive adware before you download from Google Play

Excessive Battery and Data Usage App Advisor+
Alerts you if apps excessively use your battery or data before you download from Google Play

Privacy Report Interactive Map+
Shows where in the world apps might be sending personal information and photos

Antiphishing Web Protection+
Helps protect against online scams by blocking fraudulent websites

Safe Browsing+
Helps protect your device and your personal information from malicious links and sites that install ransomware, trojans and other threats

Wi-Fi Security
Get notified about Wi-Fi networks under attack by cybercriminals who might eavesdrop on your Wi-Fi connection to steal or glean personal information or infect your device with malware

Malware Protection
Scans, notifies and helps you remove apps with viruses, spyware and other threats

Remotely locks and wipes the personal information on your lost or stolen device to help prevent anyone from accessing it

Remote Locate
Pinpoints your lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet on a map

Contacts Backup
Restores and shares your contact information across your Android smartphones and tablets

SIM Card Lock1
Instantly locks your phone if the SIM card is removed

+ Premium Features

To learn more about features included in the free version of Norton Mobile Security click here.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

  • Android: 4.1 or later 4, 5

Device Requirements

  • 50 MB of storage
  • Works with Android phones and tablets that have the Google Play app installed
  • Browser Support for Web Protection

o Android Standard Browser
o Firefox for Android 42.0 or later
o Google Chrome 43.0 or later
o Google Chrome Beta 45.0 or later
o Opera 31.0 or later
o Opera mini 31.0 or later
o Samsung standard browser 5.0 or later
o Facebook 145.0 or later
o Instagram 24.0 or later
o Pinterest 6.52.0 or later
o Snapchat 10.22 or later
o Line 7.16.3 or later

Desktop Browser Support for Norton Mobile Security Portal

  • Google Chrome 14 or later6
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 5 or later
  • Opera 11 or later
  • Safari 5 or later

Mobile Browser Support for Norton Mobile Security Portal

  • Android standard browser 1.5 or later
  • Google Chrome for Mobile 1.0 or later
  • Safari 5.1 or later

1 Does not work with dual-SIM devices

2 For more detailed information, please see: AV-TEST, 'Best Android Security', March 2018

4 Auto-scan of apps on Google Play supported on Android 4.1 or later except for Samsung devices. Samsung devices running Android 4.2 or later are supported. For earlier versions of Android, the Google Play “Share” function must be used to scan apps on Google Play.

5 Android multi-user mode not supported.

6 Incognito mode not supported.

7 “It’s not just you – Americans received 30 billion robocalls last year,” Jan 2018, NBC News

Important Subscription, Pricing and Offer Details:

  • Your subscription begins when your purchase is completed (or otherwise, when your payment is received). You must download and install on each device, or complete enrollment to be protected.
  • By subscribing, you are purchasing a recurring subscription which will automatically renew after the first term.
  • The price quoted today is valid for the first term of your subscription. After that, your subscription will be billed at the applicable monthly or annual renewal price here. The price is subject to change, but we will always send you a notification email in advance.
  • You can cancel your subscription at or by contacting Norton Support. For more details, please visit the Norton Return Policy.
  • Your Norton subscription includes protection updates and features that may be added, modified or removed subject to the acceptance of the Norton License Agreement.

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