KBC-1512CD Paper Shredder Machine , 15 Sheet

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Product Details
Brand: KBC
Product: New
Generic Name: Paper Shredder
Model no.: KBC-1512CD
Warranty: 1 Year From Manufacturer

Model KBC-1512CD Paper Shredder Machine

Our paper shredder machine is the best and runs for a long period of time, it has low cost with least maintenance required, it has the best performance. they are very easy to repair with easy availability of their spare parts. best performance with low maintenance & very good papr cutting size and has good duty cycle option.


Shred Capacity(A4/70g) 15 Sheets
Shred Speed 2.8 m/min.
Shred Size(mm) 4 X 45mm
Off Time (Min.) 30Mins
Duty Cycle 12min
Shred CD/cc Yes
Basket Volume 27L
Machine Size 389 X 275 X 620mm
Noise Level 60db
Net. Weight 12 Kg
Gross Weight 15 Kg
Power Consumtion < 250W
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