4-Port USB High Speed Hub

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Product Details

1. Provide 4 USB ports, each with a switch. Usb2.0 version

2. Support data transmission; full speed 480Mbps, medium speed 12Mbps, low speed 1.5Mbps.
3. Support hot-swappable, easy to use.
4. operating system: Win95 osR2 / 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / VISTA / win7, Linux 2.4 and Mac os8.5 or later;
5. For U disk, digital cameras, digital cameras, audio systems, monitors, input devices and so on.
6. novel long strip design, cute and interesting, ABS material, lightweight use.
7. Compliant with USB2.0 specifications. With four USB2.0 interface, plug and play.
8. With independent switch, with power indicator. No power can be used with 500G hard drive / printer / scanner and other high-power equipment.

Product use:
The hub can be used for USB devices such as mobile hard disk, U disk, card reader, mobile phone, digital camera, high resolution camera, digital video camera and multi-channel audio. It supports simultaneous connection of USB3.0 high speed equipment, transmission.

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